Decision Making & Agency vs. Communion Spectrum

The Agency vs Communion Spectrum
1. You, the individual agent.
2. Your family.
3. Your groups.
4. Everyone you don’t know (the world community).

Focusing on one area and neglecting others, is sub-optimum.

Focusing on only the self gives you psychopaths and sociopaths.

Focusing solely on family takes away a person’s sense of self esteem and a limited scope about the broader world.

If people live only for a group we get cult like mentalities and a decrease in free thought.

If people live only for the world then they lose themselves and can be led down a path that ultimately destroys the world by destroying the individual.

Optimally, you can judge business and personal decisions by considering each of the components with an equal weight.

Additional resource mentioned in the video:

Miles Beckler’s YouTube channel:

2018 Instagram Algorithm Update

  1. 10% visibility to followers – Instagram will only show your newest post to 10% of your followers at first. 
  2. Reply and response time – Your followers will have to reply and respond within 1 hour of you posting for it to count towards your engagement metric. 
  3. Engagement length – the number of characters for the comments shall be four… or more characters long for them to count toward engagement. This means single emoji’s will not count. Three is right out.
  4. No hash tag blocks – Do not use more than five hash tags in your post, otherwise it will be counted against you. 
  5. Stories prioritized – Stores will have much higher priority over posts. 
  6. No repeat hash tags – Do not repeat your hash tags because you will be penalized. 
  7. Body Over Content – Using hash tags in your comments will not count at all. 
  8. No Edits – If you have any issues with a post, simply delete the post and start over. Editing a post will make it not show up in the algorithm at all.